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Riviera Rooms

Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms
Riviera Rooms

River adventures in the region Szigetköz.

You can boat in the romantic upper Szigetköz on Mosoni-Danube surrounded by natural forest all around. Beside the kayaking and canoeing you can also take a sightseeing boat-tour to admire the beauty of the landscape.

Tips for excursions in Szigetköz

  • Ásványráró, black poplar of Ráró, forestry road of Új-sziget.

  • Darnózseli, Zseli forest, horse-chesnut alley between Lipót and Darnó

  • Dunakiliti, millennium oak-tree, visiting the barrage on Danube

  • Mosonmagyaróvár, Castle and garden of Óvár, University, walking in downtown on Magyar utca, visiting Thermal bath.

  • Hédervár, Castle of Hédervár and its garden, Kont monument

  • Lipót, nature trail beside the backwater of Danube, visiting Lipót lido and Thermal Bath

  • Visiting the Abbey of Pannonhalma (56 km from Mosonmagyaróvár)

  • Sightseeing in Bratislava, Vienna or Budapest

Biking tours

1. Mosonmagyaróvár - Halászi - Dunasziget - Dunakiliti (barrage + 3,1 km) - Feketeerdő – Mosonmagyaróvár in total 30,7 km.

2. Mosonmagyaróvár - Feketeerdő - Dunakiliti – biking along the causeway to the fishladder of Dunasziget, way along the Danube to Lipót - Darnózseli - Novákpuszta - Kimle – from here 1,5 km on main road and then take the minor road to get back to Mosonmagyaróvár, in total 56 km.

3. Mosonmagyaróvár - Halászi - Darnózseli - Novákpuszta - Hédervár - Lipót (through the alley) - Dunaremete - Püski - Halászi – Mosonmagyaróvár, in total 38 km.

Fishing – campings on the bank of Danude or on fishing lakes in the surroundings.

Horse riding or joyride – Babos Major

Golf – Princess Palace Golf, Dunakiliti, garden of the baroque castle

Bowling, tennis, squash – Dunakiliti, Diamant Hotel

Visiting the Pálinka house – Szigetköz Lelke pálinkamuseum, Tejfalusziget

Wine cellar – taking a visit and wine taste in Austrian and Hungarian wineries.

Wine tasting dinner at Borclub Restaurant in Mosonmagyaróvár, walking street.

Sightseeing train rides in Mosonmagyaróvár

Adventure Park Szigetköz –lies on the border of Mosonmagyaróvár, you can even slide over the Moson - Danube!

Shopping – Designer Outlet Center, Parndorf

Beside its acknowledged medicinal water, the bath has several pools, which fulfill all needs and give place to wellness experience too, give opportunities of relaxation, recovery and sport as well. There are swimming pool, thermal water pool, sitting pool, wellness poll, covered swimming pool, and children’s pool. The medical treatments and cures are also wide-ranging: health-pools, voltaic bath, whirlpool bath, curative massage, mud pack, electrotherapy, remedial gymnastics, and aqua fitness.

Thermal and aquapark in Lipót

The open air bath facility welcomes its visitors with two thermal pools, a swimming pool, children pools, an experience pool with whirling corridor, Jacuzzi, massage effects, a 1200 m2 beach pool ( wave-ball, huge slides, mini water park ), a fabulous island and watermill-sauna in a calm and beautiful natural surroundings. The thermal water is of low firmness, sodium-hydrogen, carbonate, fluoride medicinal healing water.

Building on dental tourism our town has huge number of beauty salons. Beside many single-membered salons, there are also a couple of complex beauty clinics, where you can have simple services like a massage, or a manicure, but you can also let body contouring treatments or implantation done.





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